GIANT 1040 FC SAE 40-N

Gama Giant GIANT 1040 FC SAE 40-N
Zinc-free mineral lubricating oil, especially designed for use in diesel engines equipped with silver bearings, such as those used in trains and stationary generators.
    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    EMD: SD 60 Generación 5
    GE: B30-7A
    API: CF/CF-2


    Complies with the same requirements as a Series 3 type lubricant but also prevents damage in those bearings that have an alloy containing silver.
    * Its additives ensure a complete cleaning of the internal parts of the engine, especially the piston ring area, avoiding abrasive wear and thus extending the life of the engine.
    * Suitable alkaline reserve (TBN) for use of all types of gasoils.
    * Modern technology oil belonging to generation V.

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