Lubricant production

Cutting-edge technology to create the most advanced products

Our lubricant production plants supply over 90 countries and meet the highest quality standards.

Our production plants

We have production plants all over the world providing the global lubricant market with the supply to meet increasing demand. 


Automotive oils

To lubricate all moving parts of vehicle engines and transmissions, in line with the strictest quality standards.


Industrial oils

Repsol has the most extensive line of oils for all kinds of machinery and applications.


Marine oils

Made to lubricate the large diesel engines on ships, adapted to the fuels used in these engines.  

Production and packaging

Production and packaging around the world

We also have lubricating oil production and packaging plants all over the world: Spain, Italy, Indonesia, China, Japan, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Hungary, Greece and India.


Supply: a fundamental task

In addition to production, our plants provide other services that are essential to covering demand:

  • Storage: all of our plants have tanks for storing mineral and synthetic oils, additives, and finished oils.
  • Quality control: We have facilities that analyze raw materials, intermediate products, and, of course, finished products prior to their sale to ensure they meet the strictest requirements.

Always at your service

Because in addition to developing, producing, and distributing our lubricating oils, we have a Technical Assistance and Development service in which our experts provide guidance from start to finish on any question or request.

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