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We work actively in the development, manufacture and distribution of products in a responsible manner throughout all phases of our business.

Minimizing the environmental impact in each step

To achieve the goal of being a company with zero net emissions by 2050, Repsol lubricants is working on two axes: the reduction of the carbon footprint throughout the life cycle of our products and innovation to develop more sustainable products.

Packaging recycling

Lubricant recycling

  • Packaging waste
    We recover post-consumer packaging at the end of its useful life, so it does not end up in landfill.
  • Packaging recycling
    We separate and classify packaging to give it a second life.
  • Manufacturing recycled plastic
    We manufacture our Repsol Reciclex® grades with 70% post-consumer recycled material.
  • Plastic packaging manufacturing
    We manufacture Repsol lubricant containers of 1l, 4l, and 5l (Please confirm the sizes are correct) in five colors for the different product ranges, with a 60% recycled content.
  • Recycled packaging
    This packaging saves 25% of the carbon footprint compared to the previous packaging.
  • Lubricant Waste
    We use renewable and circular bases, from regenerated used oil.
  • Lubricant recycling plant
    The regeneration of used oil allows this waste to be treated and converted back into raw material that will then be incorporated into our lubricants. Thanks to this process, our products CO2 footprint is reduced.
  • Environmentally certified plant
    We will reduce our main production center's net emissions by 70% by 2030 and reduce our water footprint.
  • Lubricant manufacturing
    With the use of renewable bases and sustainable additives, we will obtain a portfolio of 60% renewable lubricants by 2030.
  • Filling and labeling
    Lubricants manufactured in compliance with strict controls are put in containers made with Reciclex®, labeled, and made available to the market, always maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • Recycling lubricants and packaging
    With the aim of protecting the environment from the impact of this waste, both used oil from vehicles and most production processes, as well as its packaging, are recovered to be later incorporated into the manufacturing of new packaged products.
  • Final consumption
    We contribute to lower energy consumption and more efficiency by reducing friction, giving machinery and engines a longer useful life.
  • Transport and Logistics Optimization
    We continue to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the supply chain of our products by optimizing transportation routes and promoting renewable fuels use.
  • Repsol Technology Lab
    Our Repsol Technology Lab experts are constantly searching for solutions to achieve a portfolio of products with fewer emissions, more efficient, and competitive.

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Our Master line, carbon neutral

We've developed a new line of carbon neutral lubricating oils that is helping reduce fuel consumption. With these products, you’ll contribute to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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