Motorcycle lubricants, at the forefront of innovation

We are introducing three new product ranges that make it easier to choose the most suitable lubricant for your motorcycle and a new range of maintenance products.

New, more sustainable bottles

We have a more ergonomic and sustainable bottle, contributing to circularity by using recycled material and reducing CO2 emissions.

Mayor eficiencia

Greater efficiency

Our containers require less warehouse and shelf space.

Línea innovadora y ergonómica

Innovative shape, ergonomic handling

More modern and lightweight, its ergonomic design makes it easier to hold and handle.

Naturaleza del producto

Types of product

We use different colours to make it easier to identify the type of product each bottle contains.

Color de los envases

Bottle colours

Each product range has its own colour to make it easier to identify the most suitable lubricant for your vehicle: gold, turquoise blue, anthracite and silver.

Identificación del producto

Product identification

Product name and viscosity index.

Propiedades del producto

Product features

The signs and icons we print on our bottles provide information on the characteristics and benefits of our products.

Envase más sostenible

More sustainable packaging

Manufactured from recycled waste materials, our recyclable bottle contributes to build a circular economy, reducing the use of plastic and CO2emissions.

Máxima acilidad en el vertido del aceite

Max precision for oil pouring

Our bottle necks make for efficient fluid pouring, preventing splattering and spilling.

Qualifier Range

And for the maintenance of your motorcycle, Qualifier range

Products for forks, transmissions, chains... choose the best quality also in maintenance.

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