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We are Repsol Lubricants

At the cutting-edge of high-quality lubricant and fuel development

Technology and quality

Repsol has cutting-edge technology to manufacture increasingly advanced lubricants covering all your needs


The transit of tomorrow, today

We are working to create more efficient and sustainable products, certified by the major manufacturers and brands in the industry.


The planet, our priority

Our goal is to become a net zero emissions company by 2050 and we are working every day toward that goal.


In over 90 countries

With production plants in Mexico, Spain, Indonesia, and Singapore, we sell our products in over 90 countries.

Tech Lab, the heart of Repsol Lubricants

The Repsol Technology Center is not only the heart of the Company’s research and development, but also a point of reference for the industry. Our Tech Lab works with other research teams at universities as well as public and private research centers combining innovation and top talent.

The goal: make the best product

We work continuously to optimize all the products of our ranges and develop new ones.

The most advanced lubricants

Developed at the largest private research center in Spain and by a group of more than 200 researchers and scientists.


Commitment from start to finish

Our goal is to become a net zero emissions company by 2050. That’s why we are working to develop increasingly more sustainable products and taking a variety actions to bring us closer to that fulfilling that commitment.

  • New products and bottles.
  • Used oil management.
  • Inverse logistics system.

Competition, our testing ground

We are present at the world’s major motorsport competitions, such as MotoGP, Trial and X-Trial World Championships, and the Dakar Rally, among others. We analyze our products’ performance at these competitions to develop and improve them and therefore put top-quality products on the market.

Tested by the best

At these competitions, we analyze our products’ performance to improve them and therefore put top quality products on the market.

Part of the Repsol Honda Team

We’ve been supporting this sport for 50 years and have been part of the Repsol Honda team for 25.

Tech Lab, where it all starts

All our lubricants are tested at the Repsol Technology Lab, which has laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled team dedicated exclusively to Repsol.