Do you know about our new range of lubricants for heavy vehicles?

heavy vehicles


At Repsol, our objective is to lead the energy transition through continuous transformation and diversification of our businesses, with a commitment to the technological development carried out by our R&D research laboratory, Repsol Technology Lab.

Our goal is to reach net zero emissions by 2050, and to achieve this, we have designed a model that integrates all technologies for decarbonization, based on efficiency, renewable generation, low, neutral or even negative carbon footprint products, circular economy, and industrial innovation. 

Thanks to our cutting-edge projects, we have become leaders in innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, adapting each of our products to the our customer’s specific needs, and that is why we have perfected the la  specially designed for heavy vehicles and designed to meet the needs of professional drivers.

New Giant range

Thanks to our experience in the transport industry, we have developed one of the most  complete and specific lubricant ranges for heavy vehicles on the market, with the aim of providing our customers with the best products suited to their needs.

Our Giant range consists of three series of high quality lubricants specifically designed for vehicles that require vehicle manufacturer approvals

  • 9000 Series, synthetic lubricants
  • 7000 and 5000 Series, semi-synthetic and mineral lubricants
  • 3000 and 1000 series, mineral lubricants

All our products are based on the same premise: the best quality and efficiency. As such,  within the Giant range we can find the following characteristics:  

  • Protection and efficiency: Fluids with state-of-the-art additives and high-level synthetic bases incorporated to guarantee maximum engine protection. Designed to last longer between oil changes and be more durable over long distances.  
  • Low Saps: Lubricating oils with low ash content for improved emission control. 
  • Fuel economy: Properties that contribute to lower fuel consumption.
  • Maximum Protection R&D: Lubricant approved in various OEMs.
  • Long life: Lubricants with longer time between changes if the vehicle manufacturer provides for it.
  • VHPD (Very High Performance Diesel): lubricants for EURO VI and EURO V vehicles that require OEM approvals and a 100% synthetic oil with longer times between changes that saves on fuel. 
  • UHPD (Ultra High Performance Diesel): For vehicles under EURO VI and EURO V standards that require OEM approvals and 100% synthetic oil with longer times between changes. 
  • THPD and SHPD (Top High Performance Diesel and Super High Performance Diesel): For EURO V and older vehicles, and some EURO VI vehicles requiring OEM approvals.
  • Lubricants formulated for vehicles requiring basic API quality and multigrade and monograde viscosity.

It is also worth mentioning our new packaging made from recycled materials to further our environmental objective, as they contribute to a reduction in the use of plastic and CO2.

The main characteristics that differentiate the three range types are governed by their utility. 

  • The Giant range - Series 9000 : Designed for vehicles with the objective of greater protection and a longer drainage period, within the VHPD and UHPD categories. 
  • Our Giant range - 7000 and 5000 Series, fluids designed with a specific purpose in mind,  vehicle protection and specially designed for professional sectors (vehicle fleets, taxis).
  • Finally, the Giant range - Series 3000 and 1000: Fluids especially recommended for severe conditions, as they contain additives that make them more robust.