Gama Driver DRIVER HGY 10W-40
Semi Synthetic

Semi-synthetic lubricant indicated for engines powered by petrol, ethanol, Flex, and CNG that operate at a wide temperature range, meeting all the applicable requirements of a lubricant suitable to any type of climate. Its formulation enables perfect operation in any kind of urban and road usage.

The formula's synthetic components provide high chemical stability and thermal oxidation resistance, ensuring good engine performance.

    Technical Information

    • API: SL

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    (*) Formal approval


    Formula selected to provide excellent engine protection.

    Excellent antioxidant and thermal properties, which prevent oil aging.

    Among its features is the resistance to the deposit build-up at high temperatures and sludge build-up at low temperatures, maintaining engine cleanliness and consequently increasing its durability.

    It provides stability when loss of viscosity occurs, therefore maintaining the correct lubrication of the engine during the entire time it is used.