GIANT 7530 15W-40

Gama Giant GIANT 7530 15W-40

THPD (Top High Performance Diesel) lubricant developed to meet the most demanding requirements of state-of-the-art diesel engines. It exceeds the performance level of traditional SHPD lubricants. Product specifically formulated for the most modern vehicles requiring ACEA E7, API CI-4 lubricants, its particularly appropriate for those vehicles that must comply with EURO 4 and EURO 3 standards, according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

    Technical Information

    • ACEA: E7 • API: CI-4/SL • CUMMINS: CES 20078 • MACK: EO-N • MAN: 3275 • MB: 228.3 • MTU: Type 2 • RENAULT: VI RLD2 • VOLVO: VDS 3

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations


    It can be used when the fuel is biodiesel, following the recommendations of change periods established by the manufacturers.

    Multigrade lubricant fit for all weather conditions. Excellent pumpability at start-up.

    High detergent/dispersant power, ensuring total engine elements’ cleaning. Exceptional soot dispersibility, it is therefore particularly recommended for engines incorporating EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) type emission abatement systems.

    Its selected additives give it a high shear strength while maintaining the original viscosity during the entire lubricant’s life.

    Lubricant formulated to meet Euro 4 and earlier standards aimed at reducing contaminant emissions, increasing performance compared to traditional heavy diesel engine lubricants.

    Depending on the service conditions and the EURO 3 engine type, this product may extend the lubricant changeover period, always following the engine manufacturer's recommendation. Its modern formulation gives this lubricant exceptional anti-wear properties and is specially developed for turbocharger protection.

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