Gama Smarter SMARTER MATIC MB 4T 10W-30
Fully Synthetic

High-quality synthetic lubricant suitable for high-performance 4T engines with fuel-saving properties. Contains special additives that improve lubrication and friction control. This additive complies with JASO MB quality grade. Recommended for use on motorcycles requiring a low friction lubricant.

JASO MB is recommended for most dry clutch scooters and motorcycles with automatic gearbox.

    Technical Information

    • API: SN

    • JASO: T-903:2011 MB

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations


    Developed according to strict requirements for fuel economy and environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

    Proven results in 4-stroke motorcycles under extreme working conditions have demonstrated excellent wear protection.

    Its formula offers a high level of performance and ensures adequate friction in the parts immersed in lubricant.

    It should only be used when viscosity grade SAE 10W-30 is recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer.