Gama Navigator NAVIGATOR AWD LSD 75W-90
Fully Synthetic

Synthetic multigrade lubricant, with a high thermal stability, recommended for self-locking transmissions or limited slip differential groups (LSD) that operate in extreme pressure, shock loads and sliding conditions typical of vehicles intended for racing cars.

    Technical Information

    • API: GL-5, LSD

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    (*) Formal approval


    · Strong ability to withstand momentary high loads and temperatures.

    · Very good resistance to aging.

    · Excellent anti-rust and anti-foaming properties.

    · Good cold fluidity and very good viscosity at high temperature.

    · Provides gear cleanliness while reducing maintenance costs.

    · Particularly designed to effectively protect contact surfaces against hazards.

    · High quality synthetic lubricant that extends the changeover intervals and reduces noise in the differential.