LEADER A3 B4 10W-40

Gama Leader LEADER A3 B4 10W-40
Semi Synthetic

Multi-grade lubricating oil that combines synthetic components with very high quality minerals for use in engines of cars and light commercial vehicles. It combines high resistance to oxidation to optimise the change period, and a viscosity which facilitates vehicle starting, thus reducing wear.

    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    API: SL/CF<br>ACEA: A3/B4<br><br>


    ⦁ Synthetic based multigrade oil; it can be used in the petrol and diesel engines of most vehicle manufacturers.
    ⦁ Its outstanding features include resistance to the formation of deposits at high temperatures and of sludge at low temperatures, thus keeping the engine clean and increasing its durability.
    ⦁ As a lubricant it is resistant to the loss of viscosity that occurs with some multigrade oils during their use. Thus the engine is kept properly lubricated during the entire period that the oil is used.

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