GIANT 5510 15W-40

Gama Giant GIANT 5510 15W-40
Multigrade type THPD (Top High Performance Diesel) lubricant oil meeting the needs of latest generation engines (ACEA E7 and API CI-4) and outperforming SHPD. Recommended for engines complying with EURO IV and older regulations.
    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    API: CI-4/CH-4/SL
    ACEA: E7


    Its extraordinary detergent-dispersant power avoids the formation of sludge when cold and eliminates lubricant duct and oil filter clogging.
    Disperses sludge, combustion residue and rust, stops the formation of deposits in segments and varnishes at high temperatures.
    Multigrade oil which facilitates ignition in cold conditions, reduces wear of metal engine parts and maintains the right levels of pressure in all working conditions.
    Its alkaline reserve (TBN) provides protection over long periods of use by neutralising the acids formed in the combustion of diesels with different sulphur content.
    Avoids polishing cylinder jackets, so typical in high-power supercharged engines.