RIDER 4T 10W-30

Gama Rider RIDER 4T 10W-30
Lubricant oil for low, medium and high cylinder capacity 4-stroke engines. Due to its special composition, Repsol Moto Rider is particularly suitable for driving long distances without worrying about performance loss or premature wear of the different engine components in very different situations. It is therefore ideal, among other uses, for making long journeys as it is not necessary to monitor consumption as often given the oil´s special viscosity.
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    ⦁ Its viscosimetric properties have been specially designed to lubricate large cylinder engines that reach high temperatures and a high number of revolutions.
    ⦁ Efficient detergent and dispersant power that ensures that high levels of cleanliness are maintained in all parts of the engine.
    ⦁ Provides good friction on clutch discs, preventing slippage and premature wear in joint engine and transmission (wet clutch) lubrication systems.

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