Gama Rider RIDER TOWN 2T
Lubricating oil for general use in two-stroke engines. Valid for a wide range of motorcycles and mainly recommended in urban use. It is a clean oil, careful with the engine, and always keeps the exhaust ports clean. In addition, it withstands very high temperatures as a result of intense use in urban traffic, or as a consequence of riding with two passengers on a scooter or small cylinder motorcycle.
    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    ISO: L-EGB
    API: TC
    JASO: M345 FB


    ⦁ High lubricant power that reduces wear, extending engine life.
    ⦁ Minimizes formation of deposits keeping exhaust ports clean.
    ⦁ Reduces spark plug pearling and prevents the piston rings from sticking.
    ⦁ Also suitable for lawnmower, chainsaw, and other engines dedicated to DIY or small agriculture.

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