Gama Navigator NAVIGATOR GL-5  80W-90
Extreme Pressure multigrade lubricating oils recommended for vehicle differentials or hypoid and helical transmission groups in which an API GL-5 quality level is required. These oils have been specially designed to comply with the lubrication requirements established by the main manufacturers. Great capacity to withstand momentary high loads and temperatures, which prevents faults in the mechanical components typical of the severe driving conditions for commercial and public works vehicles.
    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    API: GL-5


    ⦁ Great capacity to withstand momentary high loads and temperatures.
    ⦁ Better behavior at low temperature, offering a better response to the synchronisms of manual gearboxes than a monograde oil because of its lower friction on the gear teeth.
    ⦁ Excellent anti-wear and anti-rust properties, prolonging the transmission useful life.
    ⦁ Very good resistance to aging.

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