GIANT 9670 LS-FE-LL 5W-30

Gama Giant GIANT 9670 LS-FE-LL 5W-30
Fully Synthetic
Synthetic lubricant specially designed to meet the most demanding fuel-saving requirements, without compromising engine protection and durability. Its low-ash technology is suitable for vehicles with exhaust after-treatment systems and allows long periods between changes. Formally approved against MB 228.61 and API FA-4 and only suitable for Euro VI vehicles that require low HTHS.
    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    • API: FA-4*
    • CUMMINS: CES 20087
    • DTNA: DFS 93K223
    • MB-Approval: 228.61*
    *Formal approval
    (*) Formal approval


    ⦁ Due to its reduced HTHS, the oil provides a greater fuel saving potential than that of other oils on the market, which also contributes to reducing pollutant emissions.
    ⦁ It is a lubricant with a very long life compatible with after-treatment systems (DPF, SCR, EGR. CRT, etc.), which allows long drain intervals, waste generation to be reduced, and maintenance costs to be controlled.
    ⦁ It is only appropriate for those vehicles that are prepared to work with low-viscosity oils at high shear (low HTHS), like the one required in API FA-4 and MB 228.61 specifications. It is not suitable for vehicles that require previous API quality levels.