GIANT 7670 LS-LL 10W-40

Gama Giant GIANT 7670 LS-LL 10W-40
Semi Synthetic

High quality UPHD (Ultra High Performance Diesel) lubricant with a low ash content (Mid SAPS), compatible with exhaust after-treatment technologies such as diesel particle filters, SCR, and catalysts. Its optimized formula means that it is long lasting and is compatible with all types of fuels (diesel, LPG, CNG, and biodiesel). Suitable for EURO VI and earlier engines.

    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    • ACEA: E6, E7, E8, E9, E11
    • API: CK-4
    • CUMMINS: CES 20086
    • DAF: Extended Drain
    • DEUTZ: DQC IV-18 LA
    • MACK: EOS-4.5
    • MAN: M 3477/M 3775
    • MB: 228.31/228.51
    • MTU: Type 3.1
    • RENAULT: RLD-3
    • VOLVO: VDS-4.5


    The limited phosphorus and sulphur content and the low level of sulphated ash makes it suitable for use in most vehicles due to its compatibility with SCR systems.
    Its Mid SAPS technology ensures the performance and durability of engines equipped with particle filters, avoiding premature obstruction.
    It can be used when biodiesel is used as a fuel, following the recommended drain interval established by the manufacturers.
    The additives in this product have obtained excellent results in the engine tests, achieving a long-lasting oil with excellent properties, prolonging the engines service life.

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