GIANT 7570 LL 10W-40

Gama Giant GIANT 7570 LL 10W-40
Semi Synthetic

Latest generation lubricant oil specially recommended for supercharged diesel engines in commercial vehicles with extraordinarily long change periods. Product specifically designed for EURO V and some EURO VI low-emission diesel engines.

    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    • ACEA: E4, E7
    • DEUTZ: DQC IV-18
    • MACK: EO-N
    • MAN: M 3277/M 3377
    • MB: 228.5
    • RENAULT: RLD-2
    • VOLVO: VDS-3


    It can be used when using biodiesel as fuel, in accordance with the manufacturer-recommended change periods
    It is a multigrade oil with a high range of temperatures and high cold flow, allowing greater fuel economy than oils with other viscosity levels.
    The trials we carry out allow us to ensure close control of engine cleanliness, exceeding the minimum required by international standards, thus preventing the formation of sludge and deposits in the piston and piston rings
    The trials conducted in motors with high EGR rates ensure perfect control of the soot that is characteristic of these exhaust after-treatment systems.
    Compared to other oils with similar characteristics, the specific control of sulphur and phosphorus in its formulation ensures compatibility with the current oxidation catalysts and SCR of EURO V and some EURO VI engines.

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