Gama Navigator NAVIGATOR MHQ GL-5 80W-90

Extreme Pressure multigrade lubricant oil recommended for use in vehicle differentials or hypoid and helical transmissions, as well as transmission final drives for trains and manual gearboxes requiring API GL-5 oil.

    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    API: GL-5
    MAN: 342 M1/ 342 M2
    MIL: L-2105 D
    ZF TE-ML: 05A/07A/08/12E/16B/17B/19B/21A

    (*) Formal approval


    ⦁ Excellent capacity for withstanding peak loads and temperatures. Extreme Pressure (EP).
    ⦁ Very good resistance to ageing.
    ⦁ Excellent antirust and antifoam properties.
    ⦁ Aids lubrication at low temperatures.
    ⦁ As it is a multigrade oil it offers excellent protection in very severe temperature and use conditions.
    ⦁ Offers a better response to manual gearbox synchronisation than a monograde oil thanks to its lower friction in gear cogs, particularly at low temperatures.
    ⦁ Good antiwear properties, thus extending useful transmission life.