Gama  RP AURELIA TI 4040

4-stroke engine lubricants developed for use in both medium-speed marine and stationary engines that use residual fuels. It combines an exclusive and novel formulation of the best and latest in additive technology along with highly-refined bases, to provide the final oil with a substantial performance margin, given the high levels of stress to which the lubricant is subjected in latest-generation engines and even in the future development of diesel engines.

    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

    • CATERPILLAR MaK* (30, 40)

    • HIMSEN* (30, 40)

    • WÄRTSILÄ* (30, 40)

    • MAN ES (MAN B&W)* (30, 40)

    • DAIHATSU* (30, 40)

    • ROLLS ROYCE* (30, 40)

    • YANMAR* (30, 40)

    *Formal approval

    (*) Formal approval


    Exceeds API CF quality level.

    Ensures total cleanliness of the hot and cold parts of the engine, due to the oils excellent detergent and dispersant capabilities.

    Excellent resistance to the negative effects of fuel-oil contamination.

    Excellent thermal resistance and high resistance to high-temperature oxidation.

    Due to its good viscosity control, it reduces fillings and oil consumption.

    Good resistance to water contamination, with demulsifying capacity that allows it to protect the engine and quickly remove water after a leak.

    Good anti-wear protection and very good protection of the lubricant film under high pressure.

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