80W-90 lubricant: an essential ally for distributors and repair shops

80W-90 lubricant: an essential ally for distributors and repair shops
04 January 2024

This essential lubricant for the automotive industry is an invaluable asset for repair shops and distributors who are committed to maximum vehicle performance and maintenance.

This lubricant for transmissions with 80W-90 viscosity is especially designed for transmission systems, gear boxes, differentials, and gear parts, making it essential for vehicles, machinery, and equipment that require efficient protection. Here are some of its most common applications, in detail.

Motor oil for 80W-90 transmissions and its applications

  • Vehicle transmissions: this oil is commonly used in vehicle transmissions such as cars, trucks, and all-terrain vehicles, providing efficient lubrication for manual transmission systems. These systems require fluids with at least API GL-4 grade.  
  • Differencials: these critical components work to apply torque to vehicle wheels, making them turn at different speeds. Fluids with at least API GL-5 grade are generally needed to lubricate differentials. 80W-90 lubricant is used to ensure uniform distribution of power and, thanks to its extreme pressure additives, helps reduce wear on gears. In 4x4 vehicles, limited-slip differential (LSD) properties are required.
  • Industrial machinery: in industrial applications, this kind of oil is used in heavy machinery such as excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers, which require robust differentials to operate properly.
  • Farm machinery: oil for 80W-90 transmissions is ideal for protecting parts in tractors and other kinds of farm machinery that require effective lubrication for efficient performance under high pressure and heavy loads.

This fluid is a tool for achieving efficiency, reliability, and consistent performance. Here are some of its main advantages:

The benefits of lubricant for 80W-90 transmissions

  • Versatility and efficiency: "80W-90" indicates viscosity grade. Being a multigrade lubricant makes it capable of protecting components that are subjected to a wide range of temperatures. Its specific additives also enable it to work under the harshest conditions. And as it's a multipurpose lubricant, it easily adapts to a variety of applications.
  • Reducing wear: This lubricant's ability to maintain efficient lubrication in a variety of climates and working conditions also helps reduce wear and the need for frequent repairs and replacements. At the same time, it prolongs the useful life of components. 
  • Reducing our environmental impact: This motor oil's formulation is designed to provide effective lubrication that minimizes friction between mechanical parts, thus reducing the energy and fuel needed to run your vehicle. This means lower emissions, less waste, and minimal residues.

Motor oil for 80W-90 transmissions has become a key product for distributors and repair shops that seek to optimize their operations and provide their customers with top-quality maintenance that will ensure their vehicles run properly, safely, and over an extended useful life.