If your motorcycle doesn't dampen well, it's time to change the fork oil

If your motorcycle doesn't dampen well, it's time to change the fork oil
07 December 2023

The motorcycle fork plays a fundamental role in the suspension or damping of the vehicle and of course in the comfort and safety of your ride. Its function is to help ensure the stability of the motorcycle when riding, handling any irregularities that may occur in the terrain.  

What is a motorcycle fork?

The motorcycle fork is the part that joins the front wheel and the chassis, facilitating suspension and turning and providing a smooth and stable ride.

So if you start to notice that your motorcycle's fork is not damping like it used to, it might be time to take a look at the most important component: the fork oil, an essential fluid for the proper performance of your motorcycle's front suspension. 

Why is fork oil important?

Fork oil not only lubricates the internal components of the shock absorber, but also acts as a hydraulic fluid that facilitates the compression and extension of the fork. 

Over time, fork oil can degrade due to factors such as exposure to dust, moisture, or particle build-up. This directly affects the fork's ability to absorb shocks and provide accurate road response.

Don't worry if your motorcycle has any of these problems, it is completely normal for the fork to lose efficiency with use, so an oil change can be key to restore it to its original parameters. 

When should you change your motorcycle’s fork oil?

The recommended frequency for changing the fork oil varies depending on the motorcycle model and riding conditions. It's always best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Even so, there are clear signs that indicate when it's time to change the fork oil. If you notice a reduction in suspension smoothness, less stable handling, or even fluid leaks around the fork, it's definitely time for an oil change. If you experience any of these problems, you should have your fork checked. At Repsol, we recommend Qualifier Fork Oil, the ideal ally with the best performance for motorcycle forks and shock absorbers.