Get to know Repsol's Safety Excellence Program

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18 October 2023
  • Achieving excellence in safety is the ambitious goal of Repsol's new program, which proposes comprehensive safety management with a shared methodology for the entire Company. 

Repsol's Executive Committee, led by its CEO, Josu Jon Imaz, has decided to give a new boost to safety with the Safety and Environment Excellence Program.  

This program was launched a few months ago to further improve the safety performance of the company and its employees. During the presentation, the importance of maintaining the level of excellence when dealing with safety requirements and the importance of not taking anything for granted was emphasized.  

The keys to this new security management system lie in creating a climate of trust that promotes the appropriate behaviors and where information flows within a global framework based on three pillars: 

  • Leadership and culture in Safety and Environment (S&E). 
  • Continuous improvement, with a constant questioning of the effectiveness of actions and procedures and the possibility of being improved. 
  • Reduction of the accident rate personal accidents with minor consequences to low levels. 

One of its main objectives is to understand that correcting is to ensure safety and improvement as a professional. The program involves continuing to manage safety with work plans, i.e., the set of actions aimed at mitigating risks. The new aspect is that there will be a methodology to define these plans and they will have to be updated throughout the year.  

To facilitate management, the Basic Management Units were created. These are the minimum organizational units with the capacity to manage the process defined in each work plan and they must be capable of identifying risks, analyzing them, defining action, and controlling the effectiveness of these actions.  

"You can never let your guard down, and people are the essence of it. People and their behavior are what make the difference in safety performance," commented Valero Marín, executive managing director of Client and member of Repsol's Executive Committee.