This was the Repsol Lubricants distributor convention in LATAM 2024

Convención de distribuidores de Repsol Lubricantes en LATAM 2024
29 February 2024

The final moment of the 2024 Annual Convention of Repsol Lubricants distributors in Latin America. At this event, the green Chilean Patagonia served as the backdrop for a series of conferences and meetings where key topics such as the context of the lubricant market, sustainability, communication strategy, and future business objectives were addressed.

“A close relationship is one of the values that our customers recognize most in us. And to continue growing together, we have gone a long, long way, to an extraordinary environment where creativity and trust have been strengthened” explained Clara Velasco, director of Repsol Lubricants.

In addition, the commercial team of Repsol Lubricants in America, together with other colleagues from the Lubricants team (Technical Assistance and Development, Retail, Industry, Commercial Strategy) met with distributors from a wide range of Latin American countries: the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile, the host country.

“In addition to our close relationship, we are recognized by our ability to offer solutions from a comprehensive vision of the energy business and a global scope,” Velasco commented after the meeting. That is why Repsol Lubricants has strengthened its commitment to its solid expansion and to continue working hand in hand to achieve shared goals.