At Repsol Lubricants “We ride for kids”

We ride for kids
15 November 2023

"We Ride For Kids" has become a major solidarity event in the south of Brazil, bringing together more than 750 motorcycles and collecting an astounding 20 tons of food for families in need.  

This event is not only a tribute to passion for motorcycles, but also a symbol of the solidarity and commitment of the motorcycle community to make a difference in the lives of those facing economic hardship.  

The generosity and unity of this community is an inspiration to all, demonstrating how a simple motorcycle ride can have a long-lasting, positive impact on society. One of the highlights of this edition was the collaboration of Repsol

It not only strengthened our presence in the motorcycle world, but also allowed us to make a significant contribution to families in need. 

This partnership exemplifies how collaboration between companies and local communities can bring about real, positive change. "We Ride For Kids" is an example of how empathy and collaboration can improve people's lives and enrich society as a whole. 

We ride for kids