These are the best tips to maintain your 2-stroke engine

These are the best tips to maintain your 2-stroke engine
30 November 2023

Oil changes are an essential part of any engine's maintenance. But when it comes to two-stroke engines, proper attention can be even more crucial. These engines, common for example in motorcycles, mopeds, and outboard motors, require specific care to ensure optimal performance and a long useful life.  


What is a 2-stroke engine?

The 2-stroke engine is an internal combustion engine with a four-stage thermodynamic cycle (intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust) but all carried out in just 2-strokes, in other words, in two movements of the piston. 

In a 2-stroke engine, combustion occurs per crankshaft revolution, while in a 4-stroke engine, combustion occurs per 2 crankshaft revolutions, which means that with less displacement it generates more power (between 30% and 50%), but also has greater fuel consumption.  

With regards to maintenance, a 2-stroke engine is usually cheaper, due to the simplicity of its mechanics and the parts that make it up. However, when it comes to oil changes, you should take some factors into account.  


How to change the oil of a 2-stroke engine?

Below we give you the best tips to change the oil of a 2-stroke engine:

  1. Select the right oil:Although it seems obvious, it’s very important that you make sure you use a high quality 2-stroke engine oil that meets the specifications recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer.  
  2. Consult the mixing ratio: The correct mixture of oil and gasoline is essential for the proper functioning of the engine. Check this ratio as it may also vary depending on the engine.  
  3. Replace the oil filter:Some 2-stroke engines have oil filters that must be changed regularly. Check if your engine has a filter and replace it during the oil change. 
  4. Add the new oil: Unlike 4-stroke engines, some 2-stroke motorcycles don’t have a storage sump for the lubricating oil, but it is added directly together with the fuel, by manual mixing in the tank (premixing). If your motorcycle has a 2-stroke lubricant tank, make sure you always have enough. 

These are just some tips that you can follow for changing the oil of a 2-stroke engine, and remember that regular maintenance significantly contributes to its optimal performance and longevity.