Master range, carbon neutral, for high-powered vehicles


As a result of cutting-edge technology, innovation and experience, Repsol has succeeded in designing a range that combines the demands of competition engines and the specific needs of passenger vehicles, resulting inspecialized lubricants for high-powered vehicles.

A range designed for customers with very specific needs, vehicles that require high-performance lubricants to be able to adapt to any environment and any situation.  

Always pursuing its goal, Repsol reinvents itself daily to offer the best quality and high performing lubricants, while offsetting their environmental impact.


Master range

The Master Range comprises an extensive series of high-performance lubricants for vehicles that are subjected to highly variable environmental conditions and extreme external factors. To do so, they use a fully synthetic oil base with special additives that guarantee the vehicle’s best performance and efficiency.  

This range consists of three types of products: 

  1. Lubricants for racing vehicles  
  2. Eco lubricants for hybrid vehicles  
  3. Eco lubricants  

This range is also carbon neutral. Once the impact of greenhouse gases (GHGs) throughout the product life cycle as been analyzed and minimized, we then offset the unmitigated emissions associated with each Master range lubricant on the market. This has made it possible to offer customers a product with a GHG-neutral life cycle.


Master Racing Lubricants

Master Racing lubricants are designed for high-powered vehicles, developed with the most advanced technology available and Repsol's experience in the world of motor racing.   

These products are formulated with a synthetic PAO base (synthesized hydrocarbon, i.e., a synthetic copy of the best hydrocarbon structure of mineral oils). And Ester, a high-quality synthetic base containing exceptional properties such as:  

  • Increased oil lubrication resulting in less wear and greater energy efficiency. 
  • Longer oil viscosity life and reduced burn time due to increased evaporation resistance. 
  • Increased additive solubility and dispersion of impurities, which allows the oil to be synthesized for better cold protection and to compensate for low viscosities.  

It also includes the highest quality additives to guarantee extreme protection against friction and wear typical of high-powered vehicles, as well as preventing deposit formation.  

Viscosity grade ranges from 0W–40 to 10W–60.


Approval and specifications

All Master range lubricants meet the highest international specifications, API approved(the body in charge of establishing the oil quality index and standards) and many of them withILSAC approval (International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee), which complements the standards established by API for gasoline vehicles, guaranteeing minimum fuel economy levels. With the latest specifications in all its products.


Master Eco and Master Eco Hybrid

Eco lubricants (Eco and Eco Hybrid) are special lubricants that help Repsol take a step closer towards its energy transition goal, as they are designed to offer the best performance and quality for modern vehicles that want to reduce their carbon footprint.  

They are 100% synthetic and low viscosity (multigrade) lubricants, which allows cars to reduce their fuel consumption.


Approval and specifications

All Master Eco products comply with the ACEA, an organization that guarantees compliance with the minimum quality standards for passenger vehicles lubricants, especially European engines.

Each product in the Eco range is approved by car manufacturers such as: Volvo, Ford, Jaguar & Land Rover, PSA, among others, which can be found in the product characteristics on the lubricants portal.