Internationalization: the world of lubricants has no limits

Repsol lubricants, present in more than 90 countries

Repsol is one of the world’s top energy companies, present throughout the energy production value chain. From exploration and production to end customer sales.

From our production plants in Mexico, Spain, Indonesia, and Singapore, Repsol Lubricants sells to more than 90 countries, with the capacity to distribute anywhere in the world. 

Repsol lubricants are present at the world’s major motorsport competitions, such as MotoGP, Trial and X-Trial World Championships, and the Dakar Rally. Our products’ performance is analyzed to develop and improve them, ensuring they are at the forefront of oils in terms of quality and sustainability. 


Unparalleled growth

Repsol Lubricants’ growth strategy is based on creating a single global sales strategy, focused on business customers while constantly redesigning and improving our line of products.

We also apply standard global criteria in terms of marketing and pricing to optimize our offerings. 

We invest in innovation and technology, creating more efficient, better quality lubricants and new bottles that are environmentally-friendly.

And we’re not going to stop growing. The goal is to attain a significant position in the international market with these four pillars:

  • Unified marketing plans;
  • continuous innovation on product lines;
  • price optimization;
  • and improvements to the distribution chain.