We are launching Lubsletter, the newsletter for professionals in the mechanical world

We are launching Lubsletter, the newsletter for professionals in the mechanical world
19 March 2024

The newsletter you didn't know you needed is here. Welcome to Lubsletter, the Repsol Lubricants newsletter designed for professionals who not only love their work, but also want a little extra and have the keys to the world of motors.

That's what we have here. A monthly newsletter where we'll bring together both the latest entertainment and content so that, in just a short read, you can have a full overview of the last few weeks.

And of course, there's no filler here. Lubsletter will always change it up. The newsletter will change module and section sizes, so you always get the most interesting content. If we think something is irrelevant, we'll leave it out.

We'll always start with a top story that’s relevant or interesting to you. You'll find news from the world of lubricants or Repsol itself. We're also going to explore the entire web (and beyond) to bring you personal stories that are guaranteed to inspire you.

And of course, we'll have information on our different racing teams. Surely, more than once, we've talked about the joy the Honda Repsol riders, Joan Mir and Luca Marini, have given us in MotoGP.

But... it's not all going to be about reading! The Lubsletter will also have the odd meme, joke or cartoon to make you smile. Our main priority is to keep you informed while entertaining you.

Many of our customers—especially international ones—tend to ask us for information to get to know the company better. That's why the newsletter will also include a section dedicated to letting you know what we're up to at Repsol. We'll tell you about some of the most interesting employee profiles, and also the star products or new features that you're going want to try ASAP. We'll also share some of the functionalities and digital tools that we've developed for our customers, such as Toolbox or MyQR.

If you want to subscribe and get the first edition, just register in the private area of Repsol Lubricants. And if you've already got it, don't forget to leave us your comments and suggestions so we keep making it better every month. See you soon!