Repsol lubricants with Isidre Esteve in the Baja Aragón, towards the Dakar 2024

  • The Catalan driver made his 21st appearance in the Spanish rally-raid classic, which brought together the main favorites for Dakar.
  • "We’re back with the same desire to keep on showing that we can compete with the best."

The road to Dakar 2024 has begun at the Baja Spain for Isidre Esteve and Txema Villalobos, part of the Repsol Toyota Rally Team. On July 21 and 22, the traditional Spanish event was held in Teruel, and brought together some of the best teams and drivers from around the world. After a year out, Esteve returned to make his 21st appearance at the event, which counts towards the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Bajas, once again behind the wheel of the Toyota Hilux T1+.  

Our driver again put Repsol Lubricants through competition testing, as well as Repsol's biofuel, 75% of which is produced from materials of renewable origin, a formula that proved its success from the first timed kilometer in all competitions last season. These competitions are a perfect testing ground that allow Repsol to continue improving and producing alternatives developed in the Repsol Technology Lab

Once again, Esteve has shown that there are no barriers when it comes to competing with the elite at the highest level. That’s why, the whole team has been working over the last few months to get the car ready for the challenge. "We’ve focused especially on adapting the controls, because for me it’s the most complicated thing about the car. Every time we change them, we have to almost start from scratch. Last year we already did a good job on the set-up, but we have to keep making improvements, because everyone else is. The level is incredibly high," he explained.  

 "This is the first race of the season for us and represents a great opportunity to try things out and keep improving. Why? Because it’s very hot and the competition is fierce. On a sporting level, the goal is to be competitive and push the limits and maximize our possibilities," added the Repsol Toyota Rally Team driver.