Successful boating: the marine lubricant that ensures your boat's quality performance in extreme conditions.

Marine lubricants to ensure quality boat performance
14 December 2023

Today, marine equipment is increasingly faced with different challenges, partly due to the demand for maximum performance at full power, but mainly because of the extreme environments in which they operate.   

Under these extreme operating conditions, lubricants must provide, in addition to their usual function, additional protection ensure or increase equipment reliability and availability, as well as to help make maintenance easier. So what must lubricants have to ensure a ship's quality performance in challenging environments?

1. Greater resistance to oxidation:

Marine lubricants are formulated to resist corrosion and oxidation caused by constant exposure to salt water. Therefore, a lubricant that protects and ensures the integrity of metal components is essential in preventing premature wear and tear.  

2. Greater anti-wear capacity: 

The waves and mechanical forces in water can increase friction on moving engine and transmission parts. This is where marine lubricants come into play: effectively reducing friction and wear and tear and extending the useful life of components.  

3. Top-quality additives: 

The cutting-edge technology used to manufacture these marine lubricants results in exclusive additive chemical formulas that ensure exceptional engine performance under all working conditions. In this sense, special additives provide a high detergent power that prevents the formation of deposits and sludge, ensuring minimum engine wear and tear, maximum cleanliness, lower maintenance costs, and long periods between checks. 

At Repsol, we have developed a wide range of lubricants that cover all marine lubrication needs, both for engines and other on-board machinery, with the aim of enhancing their functions, improving their performance, saving energy, and extending their useful life. Through the LUBMARINE network, we provide our customers with marine oils for 2T and 4T propulsion engines, as well as other lubricants and greases used in other on-board machinery.