Our lubricants for the food industry

food industry

We are betting on the new food processing industries. This poses a challenge, as large-scale food processing requires special lubricants and oils that are used in almost every process until the food is finally sold. Therefore, they must meet the highest quality standards and comply with the FDA regulations. 

Numerous machines are used for food processing, such as pumps, mixers, tanks, assembly lines, conveyor belts, etc. And all of them need special lubricants to ensure their correct operation and maintenance and that in case of any spillages or contact with the food, they are harmless to human health.  

Repsol's goal is to develop lubricants that guarantee the preservation and the best performance of all the machines involved in this process and that comply with all the health and safety requirements established in the event of accidental contact with food. Thanks to the constant technological development provided by our Repsol Technology Lab, we have created a range of oils and lubricants that comply with the requirements, protocols, and certifications established by the “National Sanitation Foundation” (NSF). 

The NSF is the global body in charge of evaluating and registering the chemical composition of each lubricant for the sector, and has grouped lubricants according to their application requirements:

  • H1: This includes all the lubricants used for food processing. y where there is a possibility of accidental contact with food. These lubricants can only be formulated using the additives, lubricant bases, and thickeners listed under 21 CFR 178.3750 of the positive list of the FDA, which is used by the NSF to catalog lubricants on the basis of their chemistry. This group includes the lubricants designed by Repsol for its new accidental contact range.
  • H2: used in equipment and machinery where there is no possibility of the lubricant or lubricated surface coming into contact with food. As there is no risk of contact with food, they have fewer restrictions. 
  • H3: Also known as soluble or edible oils, they can be used to clean and prevent rust, and as such, are in direct contact with food. 


Repsol Lubricants

With the objective of guaranteeing the highest quality standards of lubrication for machinery involved in food processing and compliance with all the necessary requirements for special protocols and certificates established so they are harmless to health, we have developed our range of Category H1 Lubricants. Lubricants designed so that in accidental contact they do not cause a health risk and that cover all the lubrication needs of all machinery in the food processing industry. 

Within our range of Category H1 oils and lubricants, we separate our products according to the following applications:  

  1. Oils for hydraulic systems: MAKER FG HYDRAULIC 
  2. Oils for gear assemblies: MAKER FG GEAR and MAKER FGGEAR SYNTH 
  3. Oil for chains: MAKER FG CHAIN


Oils for hydraulic systems

Designed to lubricate all the hydraulic systems and their applications, the MAKER FG HYDRAULIC rangedesigned for accidental food contact thanks to their formulation with white mineral oil. These oils are enhanced with additives included in the FDA positive list, providing the oil with the same characteristics and performance as conventional oils without posing a health risk. Lubricant classified as HLP according to DIN 51524 part 2, AFNOR NFE 48603-HM and HM and ISO 6743/4.


Oils for Gear Assemblies

At Repsol, we always want to offer the perfect lubricant for every need and that’s why, we have designed oils for bearing and gear assembly based on the working conditions, i.e., pressure and temperature conditions

These gear assembly oils are adapted to the general needs of the food industry and are categorized as H1 according to NSF. 

Ourlubricant MAKER FG GEAR is a semi-synthetic oil enhanced with additives that make it suitable for equipment under extreme pressure.. The aim is to have a similar performance in machinery as conventional oils, which are also categorized as H1 according to NSF. 

The range MAKER FG GEAR SYNTH has been developed for installations that are subjected to heavy loads and extreme temperature, it is formulated with a 100% synthetic polyalphaolefinic (PAO) bases to achieve a high-performance lubricant even under the most extreme pressure and temperature conditions. And all this, guaranteeing a zero-percent health risk in case of accidental contact as it also has the NSF H1 category.


Oil for chains

Our synthetic oil MAKER FG CHAIN has been designed for conveyor belts working in furnaces at high temperature. These lubricating oils are able to work up to 240º while maintaining their unalterable lubricating properties thanks to their antioxidant additives which give them an excellent adherence and greasiness.  

In addition, to mitigate their demanding working conditions, our oil is also enhanced withanti-wear additives and corrosion inhibitors, which gives it special qualities for high temperature conditions, leaving minimum evaporation residue.


Oils for guides

Specially designed to work on horizontal and vertical slides without slipping down thanks to its anti-Stick-Slip additives, our oil MAKER FG SLIDEWAY has been developed with anti-wear and anti-rust additives to enable it to work in humid conditions subject to high temperatures.


Greases for food applications

The  MAKER FG ALUMINIUM COMPLEX grease, has been designed for accidental food contact, especially for applications requiring excellent adhesion and lubrication in bearings subjected to high and wide operating temperature ranges (between -30º and 180º).

Characteristics achieved thanks to a formulation based on complex aluminum soap and synthetic oil and enhanced additives with solid polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fillers provide excellent anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-wear, and extreme pressure properties.  Characteristics achieved thanks to a formulation based on complex aluminum soap and synthetic oil and enhanced additives with solid polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fillers provide excellent anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-wear, and extreme pressure properties. 

For environments with high humidity, we have developed the MAKER FG CALCIUM SULFONATE,  grease, a high-performance lubricant formechanical applications in high-humidity environments.  This is due to its composition based on sulfonate soap, calcium complex, and semi-synthetic oil, which has a high metal compatibility, high workload stability, and high lubricating and antioxidant power. Optimal working temperature ranges from -30°C to 170°C.