Lubricants in competition

moto gp

Since its inception, Repsol has been present throughout motorsport at the highest level, always aiming to be at the forefront of innovation and technology at all levels.  

Repsol lubricants are also part of its constant reinvention, it has participated in the main motorsport competitions worldwide, such as the MotoGP, Trial, and X-Trial World Championships, the Dakar Rally and the Red Bull Air Race, among others, where the performance of all its products is analyzed to achieve excellence in quality and sustainability.  

Our Repsol Toyota Rally Team is involved developing our lubricants and the Dakar Rally Competition is one of the most demanding races to test the products. Isidre Esteve is racing this year with a more powerful car (Toyota Hilux T1+) which uses one of our specialized lubricants for the most demanding environments and challenges. During team races (Morocco, Andalusia, etc.), samples were taken during the different stages and analyzed to perfect the lubricants for these arduous races.  

Repsol has also been part of MotoGP with Marc Márquez, sponsored by the company since 2008 in its early days when he made his debut in the 125cc class. We have been participants and winners of 8 World Titles. In addition to many years of supplying lubricants and fuels developed specifically for the engines and components of the official Repsol-Honda team. 

It is also worth mentioning Repsol's involvement in the Repsol Honda Trial Team, the most successful team in the history of the Trial World Championship, which is already in preparation for the 2023 season. After winning the two world championships: TrialGP and X-Trial with Toni Bou and achieving fifth place in both competitions with the new rider, Gabriel Marcelli, the team is staying focused on the main objectives, always aided by exclusive Repsol products for competition both for the transmission and the engine, approved by Montesa-Honda. Specifically, products designed to obtain maximum performance and optimization from the clutch, which is a critical part of this competition.   

With the experience of a lifetime in the world of motorsport and thanks to the Technical Assistance and Development team, and our TechLab, Repsol continues to develop, improve, and reinvent its lubricants to create fully specific and specialized ranges to offer a complete solution, meeting all its customers’ needs.


High-end motorcycle lubricant range

Always offering the perfect product for each of its customers’ needs, Repsol has developed the Racing range, with the most advanced and proven technology in the highest competition, our most demanding testing ground.  

One of this range’s most important features is that it has a better dilution performance in comparative tests. Due to its composition of high quality additives, it was proven that the gasoline solubility in the oil is lower. This means better performance, as it will not affect the oil’s viscosity, reducing engine wear. In addition, it offers greater durability and better catalyst compatibility.  

This is a 20-time world champion winning range, which guarantees the highest quality for our riders. The Racing range lubricants, are designed for demanding riders, who aspire to go beyond excellence and who value the cutting-edge technology involved in their development.

The purpose of this range, after measuring riding performance, is to offer greater riding comfort by achieving better rideability and smoother and more linear power delivery, and allowing for high acceleration while protecting the engine.

Thanks to the technology invested in their design, these lubricants ensure lubrication for high-mileage vehicles, providing high-oil stability, resistance to oxidation, and riding power. All in compliance with international API and JASO specifications.


Lubricant range for high-powered cars

La Master range is part of the line of technologically advanced products in the motorsport sector.  It is developed with synthetic bases and the highest quality additives focused on high performance, high power, and high demand vehicles. 

The result of years of experience and research in the world of motorsport, achieving a specific formula that ensures a very high protection against friction, wear, and formation of deposits, which are common in these vehicles.  

Our Repsol Rally Team is currently using the Repsol Master Racing 10W60 range when racing, which, thanks to its high ester content, improves the oil’s various properties, making it the most suitable oil for top-of-the-range vehicles and meets the highest demands in competition. 

The Master range is carbon neutral as a result of minimizing emissions during manufacture, maximizing the recycled content of its packaging, and offsetting residual life-cycle emissions that could not be avoided.