Presenting our online Lubricants Portal

Lubricants Portal

A lubricants portal for everyone

The main goal of this new portal is to raise awareness on the products in our expansive catalog of lubricating oils covering the demands of all segments and applications as well as showing off the innovative technologies used to make them.

Wherever you are, you’ll have a custom experience and access the Repsol lubricants catalog in five languages and more than 90 countries. You’ll have a custom experience and access to the Repsol lubricants catalog in five languages and more than 90 countries.


All our lubricants in a single place

Lubricants are the fluid that minimizes friction and wear in machinery. With the goal of facilitating communication and knowledge about our products, we launched Repsol’s International Lubricants Portal. 

Use the new portal to find the perfect line of lubrication for whatever vehicle model and viscosity you need. Repsol develops products that meet any engine’s most demanding needs and help lengthen its useful life with innovative formulas always tested in top-level racing and designed with you in mind.

In addition to the most popular sectors like cars and motorcycles you can also find lubricants for sailing, farming, industry and construction , among others.


Designed for racing professionals and industrial use

We know the people who work with our lubricants for a living and this new portal adapts to their needs. Our search engine will help them find the oil or grease they need by lubricant or vehicle type.

The world of lubricating oils is especially technical, so Repsol provides technical and safety datasheets for each reference to provide in-depth information on the characteristics and functionalities of its products.

With this portal we would like to continue getting to know our customers and learning about their preferences, so they can define their most frequent actions and help us continue to build this channel.

Professionals love Repsol lubricants because:

  • Our experts develop products designed for the future of transportation. 
  • The Repsol Technology Lab, a leading European laboratory, carries out strategic efficiency projects. 
  • We minimize our impact on the environment with biodegradable products, waste management, etc.  
  • We have an assistance program in which our experts answer our customers’ questions.  
  • We manufacture products and supply over 90 countries.


Always up-to-date

Another of our priorities is innovation. That’s why we inaugurated the Repsol Technology Lab Research and Development Laboratory in 2002, one of the most cutting-edge private models in Spain. It is based on open innovation and working with a network of partners including technology centers, businesses, and universities around the world, and its objective is clear: provide sustainable solutions to lower our emissions and make our business more efficient and competitive.

To keep you up-to-date as well, we’ve got a news section with the latest news on an industry constantly in motion. 

We’re launching Repsol's International Lubricants Portal. Are you ready?

All our lubricants in a single place