Don’t fall for some of the most common myths about the use of lubricants on motorcycle chains

Motorcycle chain
15 November 2023

The chain is a very important component on your motorcycle and requires proper care to ensure its correct functioning. However, it is not unusual to come across myths involving some common lubricant use practices that can be detrimental to your two-wheeler. 

Next, we’ll tell show you some of the most common myths related to the use of motorcycle chain lubricant, and we'll tell you how to keep it in optimal condition for your motorcycle adventures.  


Myth 1: The more lubricant, the better. 

Applying too much lubricant can be counterproductive. Excess lubricant can attract dust and dirt, forming a mixture that can wear the chain out faster. The key is moderation, so it is wise to apply the amount indicated in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.  


Myth 2: Any lubricant will do.

Not all lubricants are created equal. Using a lubricant specifically designed for motorcycle chains ensures proper adhesion and resistance to high speeds. These lubricants usually contain additives that provide better protection against wear and corrosion.  


Myth 3: Lubricant is only needed when the chain is giving you problems. 

Waiting until the chain starts to make noises, rusts, or simply dries out, can lead to premature wear. It is important to keep the chain lubricated on a regular basis and not wait for an actual problem. 


Myth 4: Lubricants attract more dirt. 

While it is true that the chain can accumulate dirt, using a high-quality lubricant and applying it correctly helps to minimize this issue. Many modern lubricants are formulated to reduce dirt adhesion and make cleaning easier. And remember, it should be applied in moderation.  


Myth 5: Any time is a good time to lubricate your motorcycle chain.

Applying lubricant just before a trip may not be the best technique. It is better to lubricate the chain after a ride, when it is "hot". This makes it easier for the lubricant to come into contact with the links and gaskets and provides greater protection.  


Myth 6: Lubricants with additives are bad. 

Some chain lubricants contain specific additives to improve wear and corrosion resistance. These additives can make a difference in chain durability, especially in adverse conditions.  


Myth 7: Motorcycle chain grease is better than spray lubricant.

Spray lubricants can keep chains and secondary transmissions in optimal condition. They are easily applied and adhere perfectly to the chain, minimizing leaks and keeping the tire and rear rim clean. They are usually water resistant and are capable of working at high temperatures and in all types of environments, as is the case with Qualifier Chain and Qualifier Chain Dry. So, make the decision that best suits your needs based on your environment and preferences. 

It is very important to question and debunk some misconceptions about the use of motorcycle chain lubricant. Opting for a high-quality lubricant, applying it in moderation, and following the manufacturer's recommendations are essential practices to keep your motorcycle's chain in good condition and enjoy a safe and long-lasting performance.