2024 MotoGP: Repsol and Honda warm up their engines to celebrate 30 years together on the track

MotoGP 2024: Repsol-Honda Team
07 March 2024

People get very excited when the MotoGP World Championship approaches, and passion for motorsports is part of our DNA at Repsol. This week, the new season kicks off in Qatar, where the Repsol Honda team has already arrived, led by riders Joan Mir and Luca Marini.

As it stands, it will have the most races in the history of the category, with a total of 21 scheduled events. It's not the only thing that will make this season special, renewable fuels will be also introduced in the category for the first time.

The Honda Repsol team is also celebrating because this partnership, a legend in the world of motorsport, turns 30 in this year. So, it's good opportunity to look back and see what we have achieved over this time: 15 World Championships, 183 wins, and 455 podiums in the top category of motorcycling.

But that's not enough. We want to continue competing at the top, and to achieve this, we're going to continue giving our utmost to our team. This extensive experience has made top-level competition our great laboratory, where we deploy the most cutting-edge technology to continue improving day by day.


Lubricants to shave off a few tenths of a second

From the most powerful engines to the most demanding gears-boxes, our Racing range of lubricants guarantees greater power, optimal performance, and a longer service life for all moving parts. It's no coincidence that this product has been 20 times world champion in official competitions. 

Designed to cope with extreme temperatures and speeds, these lubricants are made up of high-quality additives, which allow for greater oil stability, avoiding oxidation and deposit formation. Meanwhile, this serves to minimize the effect of pre-ignition, something crucial to shave off a few tenths of a second on each lap, without putting strain on the engine or putting the rider at risk. 

“Both riders are young, they're hungry, and they're already showing clear signs of continual improvement. It will be another season of development, of working together with our riders, partners, sponsors, engineers, and team members as we strive to improve,” said Koji Watanabe, president of Honda Racing Corporation, during the team's presentation last February.

While Mir and Marini leave everything on the track, we will continue to keep track of what goes on to continue improving, as we've always done. Thanks to the Technical Assistance and Development team and our TechLab, at Repsol, we continue to develop, improve, and reinvent our products to offer our customer's the solution they need. We have a lifetime of experience in the world of motor racing. 

We're looking forward to hearing the roar of the Honda Repsol engines this Sunday in Qatar, are you?