New recyclable, sustainable lubricant bottles

New recyclable bottles

Long bottle life

Repsol applies circular economy principles throughout the entire production cycle, from the source to the commercialization of our products and services.

Thanks to ecodesign, we incorporate circular criteria from the earliest phases, such as the conceptualization of our products, to extend their useful life and be able to recycle their components once they reach their end-of-life, including bottles.


Quality and sustainability in equal measure

We are currently working on a variety of initiatives associated with the incorporation of plastic waste to produce new bottles in a more sustainable way, because when we introduce plastic waste material, we reduce the amount of virgin feedstock used as well as our carbon footprint.

In total, the bottles have been designed with a layer of recycled plastic material comprising up to 40%, increasing their recyclability without foregoing the quality necessary for each lubricant.


The benefits of ecodesign

Choosing ecodesign is a commitment to a more sustainable future starting in the present, and it directly involves us in:

  • Protecting the environment: it reduces the consumption of energy, virgin feedstock, water footprint, and CO2 emissions linked to the production of new bottles.
  • Driving the circular economy: it takes another step toward meeting our commitment to the guidelines of the European Commission's Green Deal and the Spain Circular Economy 2030 strategy.
  • More recyclable bottles: it increases the recyclability of bottles, lengthening their useful life.


Committed to the circular economy

One of our main commitments is to reach net zero emissions by 2050. For this, we have 270 circular economy projects with more than 220 strategic partners, bodies and institutions with which we develop circular initiatives and create the synergies necessary to accelerate the implementation of these projects affecting the entire value chain, from product conceptualization to design and distribution.