Repsol launches its new lubricant packaging with 60% recycled plastic content

Repsol launches its new lubricant packaging with 60% recycled plastic content
14 March 2024

Welcome to the new era of Repsol Reciclex, lubricant containers that include 60% post-consumer, mechanically recycled plastic. From now on, this new high-density polyethylene compound will be used in all 1l, 4l, and 5l lubricant containers, in five colors for the different product ranges, including engine and transmission oils for cars, motorcycles, and heavy-duty vehicles. 

"Our Reciclex team has been working hard to develop a packaging solution that incorporates recycled materials and meets our company's high durability and performance standards" explained Pablo Giner, director of Polyethylene at Repsol.

These new containers are made with a new Repsol Reciclex ready-to-use compound, where the recycled content makes up 60% of the total weight. As a result, a 25% of the carbon footprint is eliminated compared to previous packaging. And all this without losing any of its properties.

In the words of Sebastián Mussini, director of Lubricants, Aviation, Asphalt, and Specialized Products at Repsol: “This initiative complements our sustainability strategy, adding to our Master range of carbon footprint-neutral lubricants, which we launched from our Lubricants business.” In this way, we strengthen our commitment to the circular economy through innovative solutions.

Objective: decarbonization 

By 2030, Repsol Lubricants aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its products by 30% compared to the emissions levels recorded in 2022. To achieve this, projects are being developed throughout the entire process of formulation, production, distribution, and packaging of its products. 

The objective in Chemicals is to recycle the equivalent of 20% of polyolefin production by 2030. That is why a whole range of sustainable polyolefins has been developed such as Repsol Reciclex, where the materials come from mechanical, chemical, and bio-based recycling. 

As it could not be any other way, these initiatives deepen the circular economy strategy approved in 2016 by Repsol, already applied throughout the entire value chain, from obtaining raw materials to the marketing of products and services. 

 Chemicals and Lubricants, Repsol's most international businesses 

Both Chemicals and Lubricants carry out their commercial activity in over ninety countries, across five continents. 

On the one hand, the Lubricants business acquired a 40% stake in the Mexican company Bardahl in 2018 and a 40% stake in United Oil, based in Singapore, in 2019. Meanwhile, Chemicals has just unveiled, together with its partner Ravago, a new polypropylene compound plant for the automotive industry in Tangier (Morocco). An investment that represents a strategic step in supporting international expansion through high value-added products.