Dangers of not changing the engine oil regularly

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13 September 2023

Engine oil is a vehicle component that we don't always pay the deserved attention to. Therefore, we're going to tell you the consequences of not changing it regularly and offer you some important recommendations for greater useful life and efficiency of vehicles.   

The oil in our vehicles gets dirty for several reasons: it absorbs the soot caused by the engine’s combustion, because of internal contaminants such as the particles from wear (metal residue, rubber, etc.), and because of external contaminants, such as dust, organic residues, etc.  

The cleaning of the internal organs of the engine is one of the lubricant’s functions, so it must necessarily darken with the passage of time. If the oil turns dark it isn't bad. That it has a very black color isn't indicative of its bad state, but a sign that it is doing its job correctly. In the engine combustion process, soot and other impurities are generated that the lubricant must collect.   


Each time you change the oil, it is advisable to change the oil filter as well, to prevent accumulated residues from being transferred to the new oil. If the filter is clogged, sufficient lubricant may not reach the moving parts of the engine, causing friction and, in addition, reducing the oil pressure. To know if the oil filter is damaged, check the engine noise and whether there is a decrease in power or overheating.   

When the vehicle is stopped, the oil accumulates in a reservoir, the sump. Measuring the oil in the sump, or doing the leveling on flat ground, with the engine switched off and cold, allows us to know if the amount of oil is correct. 

If when starting your car or motorcycle you see excessive smoke, it is likely that oil is being burnt. Check the oil level and how often the lubricant needs to be changed. This is essential for the engine to operate correctly. If this problem persists after checking the oil level, don't hesitate to take the vehicle to a repair shop. 

Car lubricant mustn't be used in a 4-stroke motorcycle. The formulas for cars and motorcycles are different, in accordance with the needs of each type of vehicle. Even within the same type the formulas change. For example, although many lubricants can be used in gasoline and diesel vehicles, there are lubricants designed only for each type of engine.

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