A logistics efficiency trial at Repsol Lubricants reduces emissions by 36%

Una prueba de eficiencia logística en Repsol Lubricantes reduce las emisiones en un 36%
11 July 2024

The divisions of Operations and Safety and Environment Client at Repsol Lubricants, together with the Division of Procurement Industrial and Client, have successfully completed an innovative sea container shipping trial using duo trailers. This initiative has managed a reduction of 36% in CO2 emissions according to the preliminary results, as well as reducing operational costs.

Within the framework of collaboration with leading sustainability companies, Repsol Lubricants had identified a valuable logistical synergy. Specifically, a strategic partner that transports sea containers from the port of Algeciras to its warehouses in the Community of Madrid. Afterwards, the return trip was made with empty trucks. 

After an analysis, the possibility of making the most of this journey to load lubricants at Repsol's plant in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) was assessed. In this way, CO2 emissions were reduced by 36% while generating significant savings in the road transport of the containers. 

The trial was carried out thanks to the collaboration of the LAAS Logistics (Lubricants, Aviation, Asphalts, and Specialties), Lubricant Operations, Industrial Procurement and Client, and Maersk teams. Moreover, in order to carry out this trial, authorization was obtained from the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT), due to the 31.8-meter length of the duo trailer. Thus, a specific area was enabled at the Puertollano plant so that the vehicle could maneuver and carry out the hooking and unhooking operations.

The success of this trial has laid the foundations to expand this operation to future shipments and is further proof of the constant search for efficiency and the decarbonization of operations in the Repsol Lubricants business, in line with the entire company's objectives.