Repsol RACING 4T Metal Tin launching

We have an exciting announcement regarding our new Motorcycle Oil Line up. 

Starting from January 2023, RACING 4T Metal Tin is finally launch in CHINA! With over 25 years of experience in MotoGP, this fully synthetic RACING 4T motorcycle oil is the best in class, developed to provide superior performance in every aspect. It keeps the engine and clutch protected for a longer time and ensures optimal shifting.

vehiculos ligeros

Some advantages of the new RACING 4T in metal Tin are

  • Advanced Fully Synthetic formula, specially formulated and developed for big displacement / capacity motorcycles 
  • Designed by our top experts at the Technology lab to offer maximum protection and reliability even in the toughest driving conditions 
  • Greater stability of the oil against oxidation and formation of deposits, minimizing pre-ignition problem 
  • Greater resistance to oxidation, maintaining properties better during its service life -> Greater engine life 
  • Greater driving power and coupling to the clutch. Guarantees maximum performance of the most powerful engines thanks to the excellent stability of the oil at high temperatures and speeds 
  • New upgraded anti-counterfit label for to protect Genuine product in the market


Available in China 

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