Renfe opts for our locomotive lubricants


Renfe continues to place its trust in our lubricating oils

We renewed the lubricant supply contract with Renfe, Spain's leading rail passenger and freight transport company, which is necessary for the maintenance and operation of its locomotives. 

For over twenty years now, our company has supplied oils to a leading company for the railway sector, such as Renfe. A success resulting from the expansion into offering high performance industrial lubricants for industry, despite tough market restrictions at present on obtaining bases and additives the essential raw materials to manufacture them. 

Repsol, manufacturer and supplier of lubricants in over 80 countries, maintains its relevance in the Spanish railway industry, even after the recent liberalization of the sector, supplying different companies. We are the sole supplier of Renfe, our main customer, with an approved product  (GIANT 1040 FC SAE 40-N) for the entire peninsula.

To broaden and expand its line of lubricants, Repsol has followed a business strategy based on continuous improvement through research and technological development. The Repsol Technology Lab, which has been in operation since 2002, has enabled us to create safe and innovative products of the highest quality, from product development to manufacturing. And always in an environmentally-friendly way, from the eco-design of packaging to emissions reduction while maintaining the sector's roadmap towards decarbonization.

Our range of lubricants is present in all segments and applications across various sectors: automotive, marine, nautical or farm machinery, in addition to our exclusive oils for the industrial sector, as is the case for the railway industry.


High performance lubricating oils

Lubricants are a key element in achieving a greater impact on increasing productivity in all types of industry. That's why Repsol's catalog for heavy machinery is comprised of oils high performance industrial lubricants that ensure greater protection for engines and moving parts, optimizing their operation, and reducing their environmental impact. 

In order to determine the ideal solution for each industrial system, our Lubricants Technical Assistance and Development team offers end-to-end advice on the use of our products. Our experts in this area perform an intensive examination and analysis of the oil, and offer a diagnosis that tells us about the product's performance to optimize the machinery and anticipate any possible breakdowns.