Repsol Lubricants shines at the Maintenance Conference in Lima

Repsol Team in Lima
23 November 2023

At the annual event organized by the Peruvian Institute of Maintenance, Repsol shone at the Lima Convention Center last October.  

This conference, which brings together operating and technical professionals from various industries, was attended by around 60 exhibitors from multiple nationalities, cementing itself as a key meeting point in the field of industrial maintenance. Repsol's stand did not go unnoticed, with more than 50 business contacts made.  

Iban Bascones, Cross-company Project Manager for Industrial, Marine, and Cogeneration Lubricants at Repsol Lubricants and Specialized Products based in Madrid, led the delegation and shared valuable technical information with representatives from various industries.  

Repsol focused on its core business directly related to equipment and machinery maintenance. Presenting itself as company brand that plays a key role in industrial processes, beyond its retail presence, which resonated positively with attendees.  

It was a talk aimed at a technical audience, allowing Repsol to showcase its experience and business development in the sector. This strategy not only strengthened the brand's image, but also increased the possibility of future prospective collaborators, serving as benchmarks in their respective industrial sectors.  

In addition, over the course of the two-day 23rd Peruvian Conference of Engineering in Maintenance & Reliability, Repsol played a key part in the specialized forums on Tribology and Lubrication

Ibán Báscones, led the sessions, sharing valuable insights into the technology behind Repsol lubricants. We would like to thank all the participants who came to our stand to learn more about Repsol Peru and the technology behind our lubricants.