Learn about our used oil analysis service, ADLIS, with Francisco Sanz Pérez

Repsol Lubricants
20 September 2023

We would like to present ADLIS (Analysis and Diagnosis of Lubricants In Service), one of the most value-added services offered by our REPSOL Technical Assistance and Lubricant Development team. It is a service offered by the company exclusively to professional customers and allows, based on the analysis of a sample of used oil, to provide an accurate diagnosis of the condition of the lubricant in their vehicles, industrial machinery, and ships.

Francisco Sanz, Technical Assistance and Development Manager, defines ADLIS as a tool adapted to the most demanding market standards, which performs periodic analyses of lubricating oil to evaluate and anticipate possible damage to engines or machines without having to disassemble them, thus avoiding unnecessary maintenance shutdowns that would cause substantial economic losses for the customer. 

This service is especially aimed at industrial and marine sectors, vehicle fleets, and public works machinery. ADLIS analyzes the samples and their most significant parameters, tailoring the tests to meet manufacturers' requirements.

“With advanced analytical techniques, and the support of our team of expert chemists and engineers, a report is issued for each sample indicating the anomalous results, possible causes, recommendations to verify failures, and corrective measures to prevent them from recurring,” adds Francisco. It also offers suggestions for extending the oil change period under normal conditions. 

“ADLIS is a tool that, when used properly by the customer, can be very useful for anticipating catastrophic failures in static and dynamic systems, and achieve significant cost reductions in the annual preventive and predictive maintenance of these systems,” he explains.

If you are a customer or distributor and want to benefit from this service, access ADLIS through your private customer area and familiarize yourself with this resource in its entirety.