Repsol Technology Lab, technology applied to lubricants

Scientists in the service of energy

We run on research. That’s why we inaugurated our Repsol Technology Lab R&D laboratory in 2002. It is one of the most cutting-edge private research and development models in Spain. It is based on open innovation and working with a network of partners including technology centers, businesses, and universities around the world, and its objective is clear: provide sustainable solutions to lower our emissions and make our business more efficient and competitive.

It is currently comprised of over 233 experts from 17 different countries and has more than 50,000 m2 dedicated to innovation distributed around the world. 

Our Tech Lab was created with a global vision of innovation to transform the energy sector. Its major projects focus on the following areas:

  • Sustainable transportation
  • Reducing emissions
  • Oil and gas
  • Industry 5.0
  • Technological solutions


A lubricant laboratory in the cradle of innovation

Within this context of innovation for the planet and our customers, Repsol Technology Lab has a lubricant laboratory where all the substances we sell are tested, analyzed, and created. 

Our researchers are in the know on any technological developments that may help improve our lubricants even more. The objective? protect engines and their moving parts (both in automobiles and other machinery), help them to function more fluidly, and reduce their environmental impact. 

Thanks to this lab, we now offer a wide range of products for all needs and all kinds of machinery. 


Lubricants designed with the planet in mind

As a company, our commitment is to help decarbonize our industry overall, and particularly lubricants in this case. One of the most important players in ensuring we achieve this is the Repsol Technology Lab’s lubricants laboratory, whose efforts focus on creating products follow the tenants of sustainable development. 

  • Our lubricating oils have increasingly lower viscosities contributing to reduced fuel consumption by the engine. 
  • Our components’ resistance to aging is on the rise ensuring that end products last longer. 
  • We are reducing the use of raw materials and production of hazardous waste, like used oil.
  • We are actively researching how to obtain new molecules to replace the ones traditionally included in oils to reduce vehicles’ polluting emissions. 
  • We use parts to produce refining-based oils from used oils and biodegradable lubricating oils, whose purpose is to reduce the environmental impact.


The importance of safety

Another of our priorities is safety. That’s why work and production centers are subject to current regulations as well as our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy, which provides strict and precise definitions of the basic principles of these issues. 

Lubricants is driving programs that foster and bolster these issues, ensuring that the entire team acts in accordance with these principles. We have also established the following principles:

  • A Comprehensive, Embedded, and Participatory Management System. 
  • Leadership and Comprehensive Management. 
  • Regulatory compliance. 
  • Continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence. 
  • Health, Safety, and Environment criteria in all business cycles. 
  • Notification: Our Policy is shared at all levels of the Organization so that it is known, understood, accepted, and applied by all Business Unit personnel. It is the responsibility of each individual in the Business Unit to comply and enforce this Policy with everyone in the business.


Innovative, sustainable, safe, and, above all, high-quality production

Our production process ensures that products are top quality. Our work follows the EFQM excellence model, which is based on the understanding that “customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and a positive impact on society are achieved with policy and strategy leadership, proper personnel management, efficient use of resources, and appropriate process definition, which finally leads to excellent business performance.” 

With these objectives in mind, we created an action plan to improve our organization, how we communicate both internally and externally, and what we achieve. 

This plan is set up as a list of actions focused on leadership, communications management, people management, and provision of services. All of this is recognized in our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO-TS 16949:2009 certifications