A sea of possibilities

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13 February 2024

In the complex world of maritime transport, lubricants play a crucial role in taking care of the machinery on board fishing vessels, port auxiliary vessels, and merchant ships. 

Today we discuss their essential characteristics and demonstrate their importance in the efficiency and durability of all these marine vehicles. Let's set sail!

Performance in a hostile environment

Marine lubricants must withstand the extreme conditions of the marine environment. These products offer a specific protection against the corrosion of components exposed to the temperature and salinity of seawater. It seems logical, but it is imperative that they can withstand the harsh elements of the ocean to ensure the performance and integrity of the vessels.

In addition to their protective function, they ensure effective and constant lubrication, prolonging the useful life of engines and reducing the normal wear and tear of machinery, which increases in these circumstances.

Offshore sustainability

New fuels, including marine fuels, require new types of lubricants. Repsol offers a wide range of products adapted to IMO 2020 regulations.  

Even so, we continue to work to offer lubricants adapted to the new fuels that will be needed to meet the goal of net zero emissions by 2050.  

And since not all new fuels will support existing lubricants, they must be reformulated and tested to ensure optimum performance and provide the correct levels of detergency, while minimizing costs. 

The key is the crew

Choosing the right lubricant is crucial, and expert technical advice is the key to making the right choice. Having experts to provide personalized assistance ensures that fleets use the specific lubricants for their needs, optimizing performance and extending engine life.

To sum it all up, marine lubricants are essential to the performance and longevity of marine vessels. From withstanding adverse conditions to contributing to sustainable maritime practices, these products play a key role in the future of maritime transport.

Among the wide range of options, Repsol stands out as a reliable partner for the maritime community. Co-founder of the TOTAL LUBMARINE network for more than 60 years, it has been supplying the latest generation of marine lubricants to ports all over the world. 

Repsol's range includes products for 2T and 4T propulsion engines, as well as lubricants and greases for various machines that form part of any vessel. They also offer environmentally acceptable lubricants (EAL) for equipment and vessels that comply with international VGP standards.

Repsol is a true ally in this voyage. Thanks to its range of quality products and sustainable solutions, Repsol offers the safety that any vessel needs to overcome the challenges in this sea of possibilities.