Benefits of working with Repsol Lubricants: why should you join us?

Benefits of working with Repsol Lubricants: why should you join us?
04 July 2024

Repsol Lubricants is a leading brand in the lubricant market, with over 80 years of experience and a global presence across more than 90 countries. Its constant innovation allows it to offer high quality products, adapted to each customer's needs and the demands of vehicle and machinery manufacturers. 

By being part of the Repsol Lubricants distributor network, you'll have access to the best European technology, developed at the TechLab, one of the most cutting-edge fuel and lubricant research centers in Spain, and backed by the most prestigious certification and approvals.

An ally for the growth of your business

Repsol Lubricants not only offers you top-level products, but also personalized commercial and technical support. It will help you optimize your management, increase your sales, and build customer loyalty. 

You will also have access to specific training, advice, marketing, and logistics programs, which will allow you to set yourself apart from the competition and develop a powerful brand that will grow your business.

An extensive portfolio that meets all demands

Repsol Lubricants offers a wide range of products for all types of applications: automotive, industry, agriculture, construction, marine, aviation, etc. Its portfolio also includes lubricants for engines, transmissions, hydraulics, greases, antifreeze, brake fluids, additives, and much more. Whatever market area you're targeting, you'll find the right product to meet your customers' needs. 

A firm commitment to sustainability

Repsol Lubricants is not only concerned about its products' performance, but also the impact they have on the environment. That's why, it's committed to the circular economy and the use of renewable raw materials, reducing CO2 emissions and resource consumption. 

It also offers the MASTER lubricants range, which are carbon neutral and help reduce fuel consumption, and the new line of Reciclex packaging, which incorporates 60% post-consumer plastic.

Discover more benefits of being a Repsol Lubricants distributor.

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