X-Trial kick-off: Repsol Honda looks to solidify a fairytale start to the season

X-Trial kick-off: Repsol Honda looks to solidify a fairytale start to the season
15 March 2024

Repsol Honda had an almost impeccable start to the season in the X-Trial World Championship. Last February, Barcelona saw Toni Bou climb, once again, to the top of the podium, achieving his 80th victory in the category and his 17th in Barcelona. 

"I'm really very satisfied with this victory because it's the best way to start defending the title and I've done so by being in the lead the entire time," acknowledged Bou, a 34-time world champion, about his dream start to the season. 

This was not the only highlight for the team, as Gabriel Marcelli managed to take third place. Bou and Marcelli have thus broken into the top three in the overall standings, positioning themselves as two of the key players in 2024 in the early stages of the season.

Now all eyes are on what will happen this Friday, March 15, in Chalon-Sur-Saône, the French town that will host the second X-Trial event of the season. To continue paving the way for Repsol Honda, the fine-tuning of the Cota 4RT will continue to be fundamental in the day-to-day work of our riders.


Exclusive lubricants for the best

Repsol Honda is always endorsed by Repsol Lubricants' exclusive products for competition, both for the transmission and the engine. It is what allows them to obtain maximum performance and optimize the clutch, a critical factor for being competitive in X-Trial.   

With decades of experience in motor racing, and backed by our TechLab and Technical Assistance and Development team, Repsol is constantly evolving, perfecting and reinventing its lubricants. This commitment has led us to develop fully specialized ranges, designed to provide solutions that fully meet the demands of each particular case.

This is how our Racing line of lubricants was born, guaranteeing a significant increase in power, optimum performance, and long service life for all moving parts. This is achieved thanks to premium additives, which ensure greater oil stability and prevent oxidation and residue accumulation.

Repsol Lubricants is proud to contribute to the development of the most successful team in the history of the World Trials Championship. "We're still living a dream, so we have to enjoy it," said Bou after his victory in Barcelona. Let's hope the dream continues this Friday in Chalon-Sur-Saône!