Gama Navigator NAVIGATOR FE LL 75W-140
Fully Synthetic
100% synthetic multigrade lubricant approved by the main manufacturers of differentials, reducers, and bridges, for extended change periods. Designed for lubrication of heavy and public works vehicles that work under extreme load and temperature conditions, providing very high performance in conditions of severe use. Recommended for Scania vehicles that specify lubricant approved in accordance with STO 2:0. Suitable for all applications where a GF-5 lubricant is required. Use only in those manual gearboxes where a GL-5 quality level is specified.
    Technical Information

    Quality levels, approvals and recommendations


    Excellent wear protection for bearings and gears
    Thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, in equipment that works at high temperature, which prevents the formation of deposits, sludge, and other oxidation compounds.
    Very good fluidity in cold and very good viscosity at high temperature thanks to the high viscosity index of its synthetic bases, providing optimum lubrication over a wide temperature range.
    High resistance to viscosity loss due to shear, which guarantees the maintenance of performance during the service life of the fluid.
    Reduction in fuel consumption compared to conventional SAE 140 lubricants, due to the use of synthetic bases.

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