How to change your car’s windscreen wash in three easy steps

How to change your car’s windscreen wash in 3 easy steps

Where do you add the windscreen wash? 

Step 1: Find the windscreen wash reservoir

Before starting, you need to know where to find the windscreen wash reservoir on your car. Normally, it’s located under the hood to one of the sides, and it’s usually a clear container and has a symbol of the windscreen wiper on the lid. If you’re unsure, you can always double check in the car manual. 

Step 2: Fill the reservoir with windscreen wash

With the engine off and cool, open the lid of the windscreen wash reservoir. Use a funnel to pour the fluid into the reservoir, careful not to let any spill outside. Make sure the fluid does not pass the “MAX” line. 

Step 3: Close the reservoir and check to make sure it works

Remove the funnel and close the lid tightly. Close the hood, start up the vehicle, and check to make sure everything works correctly. And you’re done! You’ve changed the windscreen wash on your car quickly and easily!

Where do you add the windscreen wash?

The importance of using quality car care products

For optimal cleaning of your vehicle, it’s essential that you choose the right product for your windscreen. At Repsol, we have two options that guarantee maximum performance: 

  • Windscreen wash concentrate: this washer fluid contains de-icer and mosquito repellent to ensure a deep and effective clean. It comes in a small 125 mL plastic container and should be diluted in five liters of water. 
  • Ready-to-use windscreen wash: this conventional screen wash is ideal for removing dirt and grease from all types of windows. It comes in a handy one-liter container, which makes it easy for you to fill the reservoir at any time. 

It’s important to remember that using a high quality windscreen wash is fundamental for good visibility and safety in your vehicle. Homemade solutions are not recommended because they can cause damage in freezing temperatures or clog or ruin the reservoir.

Changing the windscreen wash on your car is a fast and simple task that ensures good visibility when driving. Remember to always choose the right products, such as those from Repsol, to guarantee maximum performance in your vehicle maintenance.